DiveMax AIR Dive Planner 视频评论 & 提示,你应该知道的技巧

Dive Planner

Easy & Informative Simply touch the diver with your finger to move him; DiveMax immediately calculates the effects in real time and shows them in an informative ...

Dive Planner

DiveMax is a rich infographics application that shows complex information and data fast and clearly in a graphical format. It also allows the user to modify the plan in real-time.

PADI Dive Table quick tutorial - working through a multiple

Indicate the final pressure group upon surfacing after the following series of dives. First dive: 16 meters / 50 feet for 23 min.; surface interval: 1:30. Second dive: 10 meters / 35 feet...

 iPhone 6 Underwater Scuba Diving Test HD (Similan Islands, Thailand) by Real Freedom Productions

Short underwater video shot in Thailand's Similan Islands with an iPhone 6 in Underwater Case http://freedom-divers.com SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL (and don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share...

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